T4261 - KUKI HOJICHA Toasted green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Toasted green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Our Kuki Hojicha is issued from a small, family-run tea garden in the charming Mie countryside, in the heart of the celebrated region of Kansai.
    A high-quality Kukicha composed of fine Gyokuro twigs is exquisitely married to a delicious Hojicha made from the beautiful leaves of a Bancha after a gentle stove-top heating. Soothing and flavourful, this new tea can be enjoyed alone or accompanying meals, in the morning or in the evening thanks to its low theine content.

    Dried Leaves: In beautiful matte mahogany, the leaves seduce with their perfume of roasted cacao blended with notes of liquorice and red caramel.

    Infused Leaves: Shining ebony, fragrances of gingerbread mix with an aroma of forest floor.

    Liquor: Deep amber. The liquor, fresh and lively, resonates with immortelle blossom mixed with tonka bean and raisin. The finale is as delicate on the palate as a drop of heather honey.

    The Art of Seduction.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 90°C - 3 min

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