TB4271 - SENCHA MATCHA ÉMERAUDE® Lush mellow green tea

    Lush mellow green tea
    Organic garden* - Japan

    A magnificent composition associating the full, handsome leaves of a fragrant Sencha with the intense and assertive charm of Matcha yielding in the cup a rich palette of flavourful notes, deliciously soft and enveloping.

    Roundness, aroma, sweetness and character mingle in the emerald-green coloured infusion like a perfectly rhythmic and balanced dance.

    *This tea is issued from a garden that has obtained organic certification in its Country or which uses methods associated with organic agriculture.
    For legal reasons, this tea is not certified organic in France.

    1 muslin / 20 cl - 80°C - 3 min

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  4. Presentations : Muslin Tea Sachet
    Box of 30 round original French cotton muslin tea sachets - net weight : 75g

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