TP4145 - GYOKURO IMPÉRIAL HAKUYOCHA Green tea - Precious Jardin Premier* garden

    Green tea - Precious Jardin Premier* garden


    Here is the rarest of the Grand Cru Gyokuro – exclusive, unique and confidential – whose extremely limited production barely exceeds 10 kilograms per year.

    Our Gyokuoro Impérial Hakuyocha (literally « tea of white leaves ») is a prestigious shaded tea issued from a small family garden. A lovingly maintained parcel of land exclusively reserved for Mariage Frères sits surrounded by forests and the majestic vision of Mount Fuji. The planter, respected as a Master in the art of tea making, has at our request specially created this masterpiece of unparalleled quality.

    This masterpiece, sourced from a Jardin Premier*, is an ode to the rich sense of umami. The avant-garde spirit and the savoir-faire of Mariage Frères soar to new heights with this tea. This Grand Cru is composed of only the youngest buds harvested one by one with great care. Only the most tender and magnificent pearly shoots are plucked. For about 25 days, an opaque, triple-ply shade protects the tea plants from sunlight which hinders photosynthesis and, consequently, the production of chlorophyll. This masterful use of obscurity combined with a controlled temperature of around 50°C is paramount to the development of such rare and marvellous flavours. For the first time the liquor bursts with ‘ooika’ notes, deliciously fresh and fragrant, replete with unforgettable emotion.

    Dried leaves : The sublime, slender, snowy-emerald needles exhale an extraordinary bouquet that marries the liveliness of pineapple, the flowery sweetness of raspberry and the smooth elegance of cherry blossom beating with a gourmet heart note evoking warm meringue.

    Infused leaves : A fragrant rush of Mirabelle plum and angelica blended with a hint of macadamia is scored by a bright note of hibiscus water.

    Liquor : With an appearance and perfume resembling a nectar of white peach, the unique elixir floods the palate with an intense umami sensation. Fruity pomegranate and magical, vaporous young cedar with a dash of vanilla dance in the cup harmoniously. A sweet note of white mango beautifully outlines these unprecedented sensorial emotions before a majestic finale – lingering, fresh and creamy – sets in.

    Absolute and sublime Japan.

    Gyokuro Impérial Hakuyocha will yield yet another impressive infusion if brewed a second time for under one minute

    Label Jardin Premier

    7 g / 20 cl - 50°C - 2 min
  3. Presentations : Packet
    This precious organic green tea from Japan is packaged in a 20 g under vacuum pochette
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