TFG9979 - TOKYO MOJITO Iced green tea – Jardin Premier*

    Iced green tea – Jardin Premier*
    natural aromas of yuzu mint and lime

    A super festive cocktail made from 100% organic tea with yuzu from Japan, accented with mint and lime.
    One is immediately seduced by the thirst-quenching coolness and zesty, healthy sparkle of this all natural, alcohol-free tea.

    Summer will have an unbelievable party flavour all around the globe – from the skyscrapers of Tokyo to the roof tops of Paris by way of the beaches of the Caribbean and Latin America.
    A delightful shake-up of culture and flavour, each sip of Tokyo Mojito evokes a new adventure.

    The black glass jar with chic graphics recalls the joyful atmosphere and carefree spirit of vacation: the sun takes the form of a slice of citrus plunging into a refreshing sea of coolness.

    Schéma de préparation pour infuser le thé glacé
    Simple instructions to make up to 24 liters of cold-brewed iced tea:
    1 – Put the tea leaves into a Filter-Envelope™
    ->1 measuring-lid of the jar full of tea(approx 10g) for 1 to 1,5 litre pure water
    2 – Close the Filter-Envelope™ by folding over the flap
    3 – Place the Filter-Envelope™ in a jug of pure water at room temperature, keep the jug in the refrigerator for at least 1 jour, stir with care and remove the Filter-Envelope™ before serving
    Serve over ice.

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  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    - Shiny black hand-blown glass with measuring cap (h 175 mm – Ø 85 mm)
    - 140g of TOKYO MOJITO green tea, good for up to 24 litres of iced tea
    - 1 pack of Enveloppes Filtre™

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