TFG9969 - FLOWER SUMMER® Iced blue tea - Jardin Premier*

    Iced blue tea - Jardin Premier*
    A summer of flowers

    FLOWER SUMMER iced tea immerses us happily in a hippie-chic, seventies kind of summer atmosphere. We let ourselves go with feelings of freedom, peace & love, happily oscillating between colourful parties and carefree lazing about. The ‘flower power’ of this composition draws its strength from the bewitching sensuality of hibiscus flowers, echoed by elegant notes of orchid, vivacious bursts of orange blossom and gourmet tones of cherry blossom. Magical blue flowers blend into the composition and colour the iced tea with their fascinating shade that shimmers and evolves throughout the infusion.

    FLOWER SUMMER: A sunny iced tea that will bring an invigorating and thirst quenching note of well-being to the heart of summer.
    The black glass bottle is adorned with a colourful and very seventies decor to make our summer tenderly « peace & love ».

    Please consider: The blue liqueur teas (Marco Polo Blue, Opera Blue, Thé Bleu des Légendes, etc.) owe its signature blue colour to the presence of finely chiselled blue flowers.
    Sometimes these blue flowers fall to the bottom of the tin.
    As this is a 100% natural product, the beautiful shades of blue may differ depending on the type of infusion or harvest, varying from pale to deep blue.
    Before any infusion, we suggest tightly closing the canister then shaking it a few moments so as to distribute the chiselled blue flowers more evenly throughout the tea.

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    Label Jardin Premier


    Schéma de préparation pour infuser le thé glacé
    To prepare up to 24 litres of cold brew iced tea

    Simple preparation : comes with a pack of Enveloppes Filtre®

    Simple preparation method in 3 easy steps :
    1 - Put 1 cap full (10g) of tea in 1 Enveloppe Filtre®
    2 - Close by folding over the sides of the Enveloppe Filtre®
    3 - In 1 to 1,5 litre of spring water, leave it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

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  3. Presentations : Collector tin
    - Shiny black hand-blown glass jar with measuring cap
    - 160 g of FLOWER SUMMER tea, to prepare up to 24 litres of cold brew iced tea
    - 1 pack of ENVELOPPES-FILTRE®

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