TB9939 - FLOWER MOON® Thé bleu parfumé

    Thé bleu parfumé
    Jardin premier*

    To illustrate the FLOWER MOON, a full moon with super magnetic power, MARIAGE FRÈRES has created a sensual blue tea scented with pearly almond and blended with delicate spices.

    The cup shines with glowing notes and blue reflections as captivating as they are magnetic.

    Please consider: The blue liqueur teas (Marco Polo Blue, Opera Blue, Thé Bleu des Légendes, etc.) owe its signature blue colour to the presence of finely chiselled blue flowers.
    As this is a 100% natural product, the beautiful shades of blue may differ depending on the type of infusion or harvest, varying from pale to deep blue.

    *Non-binding photo

    Label Jardin Premier

  2. Characteristics : #Blue tea™   #Jardin Premier   
  3. Presentations : Muslin Tea Sachet
  4. Ref : TB9939  -  Price : 25€
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