TJ9BI - BURMA -  Thé du Triangle d'Or®   Green tea
  1. BURMA - Thé du Triangle d'Or®

    Green tea

    « Les Calligraphies du Thé » collection
    The word "Tea" is written in Burmese

    Of Shan origin, this wild and sophisticated tea from the Golden triangle is unique.

    Processed according to age-old methods, only using hands and wok, the young, long twisted leaves recall the fragrances of mountain flowers.

    The golden liquor offers a sweet flowery bouquet with a hint of star anise, suggesting the coolness of a dappled wood.

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    Purple canister with 100 g of scented green tea

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