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  1. BLUE TEA™

    Blue tea™

    Leaves : Hand-rolled into pretty pearls, nicely crafted, lightly oxidised – the leaves unfurl majestically during infusion.

    Nose : A warm aroma of cedar wood with a fruity hint of pineapple.

    Liquor : Bright, yellow, refined and supple; the liquor is characterised by floral notes (acacia, hawthorn) and honey, accentuated by the coolness of fresh hazelnut.
    Its long finish and round texture is a testament to its quality.

    Blue Tea™ is today’s oolong – perfect to drink pure during the day and in the evening.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3,30 min

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  4. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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