T8307 - BLANC JASMIN White tea Yin Zhen with jasmine flowers - China

    White tea Yin Zhen with jasmine flowers - China
    Jardin Premier*

    This magnificent tea is perfumed three times with delicate jasmine flowers plucked just before sunrise, in the silver light of the moon. Delicate and unique, they envelope the tea with their magical aroma. In the heart of dense, subtropical forests in the province of Yunnan, near the city of Pu-Erh, the tea garden that produces this gem is located 1,500 meters in altitude and is blessed with a very rich forest soil. The white jasmine whose precious nuances adorn these hand-picked, tender Yin Zhen buds – meaning ‘silver needles’ – make this tea an absolute masterpiece.

    Dried leaves: These pearly and downy buds were generously covered with thousands of jasmine blossoms then removed, one by one, leaving an extraordinary floral imprint on this sublime tea.
    Infused leaves: A pleasant scent of forest floor mingles with a fragrant mist of white flowers.
    Liquor: The pale gold cup offers delicious nuances of jasmine liberated by the morning dew.

    Divine elixir.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 85°C - 7 min

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