T4908 - BLANC IMPÉRIAL Thé blanc - Jardin Premier*

    Thé blanc - Jardin Premier*
    Viêt Nam

    In a valley surrounded by mountains, on the banks of the Lô River, Ha Giang is the highest province in the whole country. Only the local populations know how to pierce the mysteries of these steep mountains and splendid landscapes imbued with poetry, where wild tea trees over 400 years old are easily confused with the tallest trees found in the dense vegetation. Their thick and shiny leaves are selected with skill then worked with savoir-faire and a love for tradition, thus offering the eye and the palate a white tea of complexity and beauty that is both rare and authentic.

    Dried leaves: Handsome thick buds whose down gives them the appearance of silvery edelweiss petals. They are accompanied by a few tender and fragile young shoots scattered amongst them, in an embrace as if to protect them.

    Infused leaves: An extraordinary fruity score is expressed with complex notes of custard apple and white peach. As a postscript, a scent of fresh lychee envelops the cooled leaves.

    Liquor: The cup, adorned with a magnificent pearly white robe, evokes the shimmering golden reflections of sun on snow. A sublime floral expression of white flowers melds into the fruitiness of ripe guava. The liqueur keeps a promise of absolute subtlety: its airy texture infinitely imbues the palate with the gentle, floral sweetness of candied lotus seeds.
    A tea for contemplation.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3 g / 20 cl - 85° C - 10 min

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