T4225 - AMAMI CHA Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*

    At the southern tip of Japan, not far from the famous island of Okinawa, the archipelago of the Amami Islands is an illustration of the surprising diversity and splendor of the land of the rising sun. Its tropical forests bordered by white sand beaches and crystalline, turquoise waters constitute a fertile soil perfect for cultivating tea. This lush environment combined with the savoir-faire of Japanese planters, recognized for making the best steamed green teas in the world, honors us with this new masterpiece.

    Dried leaves: The fine, slender leaves are adorned with shades ranging from beautiful deep emerald to dense navy blue.

    Infused leaves: They exhale a magnificent fruity bouquet where sparkling notes of passion fruit mingle with the sweetness of ripe soursop. A flowery wisp of chrysanthemum, beaded with dew, envelops the cooled leaves.

    Liquor: The infusion reveals an unexpected hue – a mixture of jade green and the deep, mysterious blue of lapis lazuli. A delicate scent of raw cashew accompanies a round and silky liquor reminiscent of rice milk, caressing the palate with subtle notes of mandarin blossom and custard apple.

    Label Jardin Premier

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 70° C - 2 min

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