T1022187 - SIVITAR, FTGFOP1 DJ7/2018 Darjeeling - Jardin Premier*
  1. SIVITAR, FTGFOP1 DJ7/2018

    Darjeeling - Jardin Premier*
    Darjeeling First Flush 2018

    Sivitar, or the « Abode of Shiva », is a magnificent garden in Darjeeling lined by wild orange trees in the fertile valley of Kurseong, where one can admire the splendour of the Himalayan peaks. The plantation, organised according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, is rich with centenary tea plants blooming within a landscape of abundant vegetation. The Champagne of Tea reveals its secrets.

    Dried leaves: The silver buds unleash fragrances like gingerbread and snowdrop.

    Infused leaves: Luminous jade. Beautiful aromas like pineapple and camellia blossom complement each other brilliantly.

    Liquor: The dusky gold, gourmet liquor evokes notes of brioche and praline rose.

    A secret nectar.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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  4. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
  5. Ref : T1022187  -  Price : 47€ / 100g
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