TFG9972 - CACTUS BLEU® Blue iced tea

    Blue iced tea
    with real cactus morcels

    At MARIAGE FRÈRES cactus gets sweet…and blue !
    The boundless creativity and savoir-faire of our finest perfumers have given life to CACTUS BLEU, a one of a kind composition of blue tea flavoured with cool and refreshing cactus morcels.
    The intensely fruity and flowery aromas of this all-natural healthy beverage whisk us away on a deliciously sunny adventure. One could imagine enjoying this iced blue tea while ambling through the Majorelle Garden or reclining poolside in the Hollywood Hills.
    Infusing CACTUS BLEU iced tea is pure magic: shades of sapphire blue and French mauve alternate with highlights of azure and even indigo, shimmering in a palette of magnificently hypnotic nuances.

    Please consider: The blue liqueur teas (Marco Polo Blue, Opera Blue, Thé Bleu des Légendes, etc.) owe its signature blue colour to the presence of finely chiselled blue flowers.
    Sometimes these blue flowers fall to the bottom of the tin.
    As this is a 100% natural product, the beautiful shades of blue may differ depending on the type of infusion or harvest, varying from pale to deep blue.
    Before any infusion, we suggest tightly closing the canister then shaking it a few moments so as to distribute the chiselled blue flowers more evenly throughout the tea.

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    Schéma de préparation pour infuser le thé glacé
    Simple instructions to make up to 24 liters of cold-brewed iced tea:
    1 – Put the tea leaves into a Filter-Envelope™
    ->1 measuring-lid of the jar full of tea(approx 10g) for 1 to 1,5 litre pure water
    2 – Close the Filter-Envelope™ by folding over the flap
    3 – Place the Filter-Envelope™ in a jug of pure water at room temperature, keep the jug in the refrigerator for at least 1 jour, stir with care and remove the Filter-Envelope™ before serving
    Serve over ice.

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