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    Darjeeling summer flush 2020

    Nestled in the vicinity of Kurseong, the « City of the White Orchid », Castleton has been one of Darjeeling’s most famous gardens since 1885. Enjoying an exceptional terroir, the planter passionately refines his methods so as to perpetually improve the quality of these harvests. The tea bushes planted at the beginning of the golden age of tea are the subject of special attention in order to bring out their aromatic quintessence which makes for the remarkable identity of this excellent garden.

    Dried leaves: The young leaves and luminous, mahogany buds streaked in ivory offer notes of tamarind and Bengal quince.

    Infused leaves: Shiny terracotta, the leaves deliver a delicious score of prune and tonka bean.

    Liquor: Amber gold. The liquor reveals a note of delicious ripe black fruits enhanced with crispy toasted almond. The last sips are balanced and rich with a lingering, absolutely elegant fragrance of rose.

    Gentleman of Darjeeling.

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