TA5620 - PRINCE D’ÉCOSSE®  Smoky white tea

    Smoky white tea

    A journey into the unknown: for the first time in the millennial history of tea, majestic Scotland carves itself a noble place among the grandest teas in the world. A confidential garden lies between misty cliffs and snowy peaks, nourished by the fertile land of the Highlands. North of Hadrian’s Wall and just miles away from the Arctic Circle, the Gulf Stream regulates the climate of this volcanic land, sculpted and wild, making it conducive to this sensational white tea. Over the years, in the heart of rare and indigenous flora, centenary seeds of camellia sinensis were gently suited to their new environment. The planters, responding to the requirements of Mariage Frères, selected only the finest of their tea plants from the land – some dusted with pure white snow, others kissed by radiant sunbeams.

    Dried leaves : A revolutionary and unique white tea. Treated with respect and savoir-faire, the whole leaves and precious buds are harvested in the spring, the season best suited for the millennial art of working the leaves by hand and drying them in the sunlight. A work of craftsmanship follows, conferring to this white tea a round, delicately honeyed fragrance.

    Infused leaves : A magical, fragrant journey distinguished by a precious note of incense followed by an airy filigree of fern buds.

    Liquor : Scottish golden topaz in colour. The palate is adorned with a faintly milky, smoky aroma that blends with gourmet notes of Mirabelle plum and lotus stamen. An intangible and captivating veil of sweet amber crowns this masterpiece.
    Its desirable imprint offers a tender and soft finale, supported by a delicious note of white truffle.

    A tea of grand elegance, absolutely princely.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 8 min

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  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    20 g of this new rare Scottish white tea are presented in a classical tin encased in an ivory set showing a silver logo

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