T10161619 - TURZUM SFTGFOP1 DJ19/2016

    SFTGFOP1 DJ19/2016
    Darjeeling First Flush

    At the heart of the lush valley of Mirik unfurl the tea plants of Turzum garden, planted in 1863. Each year, this gem of AOP Darjeeling produces extraordinary teas whose best leaves are worked specially for Mariage Frères according to the demanding principles of The French Art of Tea. Raised in a cool, misty climate with abundant rainfall, the youngest leaves and their first buds are harvested by hand and benefit from all the richness of this exceptional Terroir.

    Dried leaves : This fine harvest recalls a fresco painted in emerald pastels. An enticing floral and peppery scent invites you to discover this exceptional cru.

    Infused leaves : A luminous empire green, the young leaves and buds are imbued with the divine perfume of a flowerbed bursting with blooming lotus, accentuated by a wisp of sandalwood.

    Liquor : A robe coloured in madder red, the liquor opens with a lush sensation evoking marshmallow, enlivened with the airy accents of cherry blossom and revitalising pomegranate. The pleasure evolves as a swirling aroma of vanilla emanates with each generous cup. The finale offers a captivating fragrance of mango and green pistachio scored with the vibrant notes of freshly zested citron.

    An iconically gourmet Darjeeling.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min
  3. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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