T11421 - TURZUM FTGFOP1 Thé noir, récolte d'été - DARJEELING INDE

    Thé noir, récolte d'été - DARJEELING INDE
    Jardin Premier*

    At the heart of the lush valley of Mirik unfurl the tea plants of Turzum (in Tibetan ‘agora’ or ’the market square’) garden, planted in 1863. Each year, this gem of AOP Darjeeling produces extraordinary teas whose best leaves are worked specially for Mariage Frères according to the demanding principles of The French Art of Tea.

    Dried leaves: The leaves are finely crafted into beautiful twists with warm shades of macassar ebony. A generous proportion of silvery buds brings class to this summer harvest.

    Infused leaves: They exhale a sumptuous bouquet of fruity aroma alternating between stewed rhubarb, currants and black elderberry syrup.

    Liquor: The brilliant, limpid liquor reveals a beautiful mahogany colour with garnet reflections. Comforting notes of black cherry clafoutis and roasted apricot accompany a silky texture where the tannins find their rightful place. A perfect balance between flavour and character.
    Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful opuses of the summer.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 90°C - 3 min

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