T4505 - THÉ SAUVAGE  Jardin Premier* - black tea

    Jardin Premier* - black tea

    This rare tea comes from the region of Guria, at the foot of Mount Bakhmaro, not far from the Black Sea. This long forgotten garden is surrounded by a forest of centenary acacia trees which nourishes and protects the land. The harvest is realised once a year, in May, and produces only a few kilos of meticulously selected leaves. Delicately oxidized before leaving the atelier, Mariage Frères is proud to present this hidden treasure.

    Dried leaves: The leaves are astoundingly beautiful: downy matte ebony, they unleash a perfume of agarwood, fresh liquorice, energizing cardamom and smooth cocoa truffle.

    Infused leaves: Precious obsidian. A fragrance of storm swept volcanic rock blends with a gourmet note of fresh date and an intense hint of camelia.

    Liquor: Coppery gold. A magnificent score of iris and black cherry structure the tasting while a note of brown sugar and myrtle berry merge perfectly together. The finale is sinfully delicious, evoking an intense mousse au chocolat noir with zesty tonka bean.

    The nirvana of black tea.

    Label Jardin Premier

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