T217 - THÉ DES SINGES D'OR® SFTGFOP1 - Black tea

    SFTGFOP1 - Black tea
    China - Fujian

    Legend tells of a time when the Chinese used monkeys to harvest the leaves of wild tea plants growing in hard to reach places such as the peaks of cliffs or the steep slopes of mountains. Today “Monkey tea” signifies a higher quality harvest, composed of only buds and the first leaves delicately plucked by hand. “Golden Monkey King” typically originates from Yunnan, but this Thé des Singes d’Or, a rare and highly sought-after cru, comes from a very old garden in the Chinese province of Fujian brought back to life by Mariage Frères.

    Leaves : the most majestic buds, still downy with a handsome gold sheen blend with “flowery orange pekoes” whole, unbroken and the colour of cocoa beans

    Nose : a first hint of sweet tamarind, joined by bursts of rosewood and notes of lychee jam.

    Infusion : an auburn tint with stunning clarity; the liquor opens on an amazingly velvety texture with gourmet notes of spring honey, hazelnut, and then stewed chestnut before giving way to a tender finale of cooked plum and longan.

    A beautifully mellow cup, rich and generous, that lingers on the palate: absolute fashion par excellence.

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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