TJ7LA - THÉ DES SIGNES® LAPIN Blue tea, mint & goji berries

    Blue tea, mint & goji berries
    Jardin Premier*

    Inspired by the smiling and gentle sign of the Rabbit, this blue tea with with energizing hints of fresh mint and white currant, is enveloped in gourmet notes of honeydew melon and star fruit. The azure tinted cup evokes the awakening of nature, its fresh scent like a flowering meadow under the morning dew.
    Goji berries, the signature ingredient in the THÉ DES SIGNES collection, accentuate the composition with fruity, energising tones.

    Presented in a meadow green-coloured, pagoda-shaped box, this TEA FOR THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT is a delicious good luck charm perfect for ringing in a sweet and happy new year.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min
  3. Presentations : Collector tin
    Lacquered tin canister, silk-screened by hand holding 100 g of scented Blue tea
  4. Ref : TJ7LA  -  Price : 28€
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