T2215 - TAÏPING HOUKUI SUPRÊME Green tea - Jardin Premier

    Green tea - Jardin Premier

    Legendary tea reputed to be « monkey-picked »

    Mariage Frères presents the newest harvest of the rare and famous Taïping Houkui. This ultra-refined tea produced in small quantities is reputed to be harvested by monkeys on tall tea plants swaying in the dancing breeze of protective mists. Nourished by the pure waters trickling down from the snowy mountain peaks in the heart of lush vegetation, the young buds are plucked by hand then gently placed on bamboo racks to be carefully heated over warm embers. This unique savoir-faire imparts an exceptional taste to this « King of Green Teas » and reveals the bright and vibrant colours of the leaves.

    Welcome to a halcyon world of excellence.

    Dried leaves : A genius play of handcrafting protects the fragile, lunar-coloured buds and the bright emerald leaves. A light fragrance of poppy flower is unleashed, followed by an air of fresh hazelnut.

    Infused leaves : Frosted emerald, the infused leaves express a fruity variant of candied white currant and pink grapefruit sprinkled with drops of bamboo water.

    Liquor : In a lily-yellow robe shimmering gold, the liquor engulfs the palate with the delicacy of flowing silk. The cup is metered by the addictively fresh notes of liquorice, green guava and candied angelica. Joined to this rich complexity is an elegant perfume of camellia seed, crowning the ensemble with astonishing floral poetry.

    Aesthete and manifold.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 90°C - 4 min

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