T2229 - SNOW BLOSSOM Green tea

    Green tea

    This grand masterpiece from the lush province of Yunnan comes from a secret garden revealed today, for the very first time, by Mariage Frères. These tea plants of exceptional quality benefit from a nurturing Terroir of infinite richness. Each harvest is a treasure, the fruit of centuries-old expertise from a family of tea planters whose gardens lay nestled in the heart of ancient mountains.

    Dried leaves : The precious Yin Zhen, as white and pure as the eternal snows, is harvested with care then delicately prepared according to the precepts set forth by the Emperors centuries ago. From this myriad of downy buds escapes a fruity-honeyed aroma of white peach mixed with a velvety note of jasmine flower.

    Infused leaves : Grey gold, the young buds release a fragrance evoking forest ferns in spring, exalted by an evocation of pure edelweiss in the haze of mountain peaks.

    Liquor : Clear yellow topaz. An enveloping sensation like velvet is accentuated by its distinguished aromatic persistence. A veil of precious incense and sweet amber blend into a gourmet accord of apricot and praline.

    The genesis of green tea.

    5 g / 20 cl - 90°C - 5 min

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