TE8683 - SAKURA® 2023 Green tea - Jardin Premier*
  1. SAKURA® 2023

    Green tea - Jardin Premier*
    with notes of blooming cherry tree

    The myriad cherry blossoms that illuminate nature with a marvellous aerial display symbolise the arrival of spring in Japan, when everything seems to stop to make way for the dizzying show of petals fluttering in the wind.
    The 2023 vintage of SAKURA, SAKURA ! green tea is inspired by a walk in the middle of those blooming cherry trees, when the fragile petals fill the air with their unforgettable flowery fragrance.

    The wonderfully suave, umami cup delivers all that delicious magic with a promise of infinite renewal.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3 g / 20 cl - 85°C - 4 min

  3. Characteristics : #Green Tea   #Flower   #Sakura, Sakura!®   #Scented Tea   
  4. Presentations : Collector tin
    Tall canister with double lid holding 80 g of tea
  5. Ref : TE8683  -  Price : 27€
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