E408 - THÉS DES ROIS 2 teas gift set - blue & green

    2 teas gift set - blue & green
    King's Tea® & Happy Queen®

    A king and a Queen in a boxed set is certainly a colorful affair...

    KING'S TEA is dressed in bright blue and contains a secret blend of blue teas from Thaïland, wrapped in royal spices and bergamot and bedecked with petals of pink and yellow roses.

    HAPPY QUEEN, meanwhile is dressed in bright pink that cloaks a fine green tea studded with pomegranate flowers, zests of citrus, and morsels of pineapple. Crowned, of course, with peony petals.

    Black classical presentation case holding 2 colorful canisters :
    Blue tin, 100 g of flavoured blue tea
    Pink tin, 100 g of flavoured green tea

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