T1432 - ROYAL GLENBURN Jardin Premier*

    Jardin Premier*
    White tea - Darjeeling

    Perched a thousand meters in altitude, the garden of Glenburn naturally finds its place in our unique collection of Darjeeling Grand Cru White Teas. This exceptional harvest, the fruit of meticulous work, is issued from a reserved parcel of land cultivated with great savoir-faire. Since 1859, the mists surrounding the Himalayan foothills bathe the centenary tea bushes which elegantly hug the steep slopes of this family plantation. Only a few rare kilos of fine buds and tender leaves are plucked per day.

    Dried leaves : The sublime silver buds intertwined with slender young leaves deliver a gourmet note of marzipan.

    Infused leaves : Luminous jade. An air of green papaya blends with the sweetness of tender blackcurrant flowers.

    Liquor : Shimmering gold, the liquor is cheerful and generous. The fragrant elegance of a flowery bouquet teases the palate with a powdery caress, mingling with the smoothness of fresh cashew enlivened by a hint of citrus. A seductive wave of lush persimmon bears a fruity, milky finale.

    Camellia Royal!

    Label Jardin Premier

    4 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min

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