ORIENTAL BEAUTY DIVIN™ - Blue tea™ - Formosa


Blue tea™

Leaves : Mariage Frères reaches the pinnacle of elegance with this intimate and absolute harvest. Soon to be a reference in the family of sensuous blue teas, Oriental Beauty Divin astounds with the infinite richness of its silvertips and sublimely preserved flowery orange pekoes. The composition delivers a plethora of untold colours and fragrances: sparkling amber beholds delicate notes of dried fruits, enlivened by a hint of citrus tempered by a suave and delicate aroma of vernal resin.

Nose : Evoking the livery of a single cask whisky, the leaves unleash a fruity score of candied persimmon, accentuated with mandarin flowers and mulberry. In the background, toasted hazelnut emerges from a noble aroma of wood that subdues the ensemble.

Liquor : Vermillion with nuances of Rose Madder. The mise en bouche is as rich and delicious as delicately roasted figs on shortbread biscuit. The perfume is marked by notes of cinnamon wood, crowned by a hint of vanilla and an unexpected vivacity recalling goji berries.

An absolute exaltation.


3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 6 min

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