T11220 - NAMRING UPPER  FTGFOP1 EX174/20 - Jardin Premier

    FTGFOP1 EX174/20 - Jardin Premier
    Darjeeling summer flush 2020

    « Tea from Beyond the Skies »
    The parcels of tea in the Namring garden, created in 1855 by the British, belong to Jhinglam and Poomong at 1,220 and 1,370 meters in altitude. The remarkable character of the Namring Terroir as well as the combination of the planter's admirable work coupled with Mariage Frères' unique savoir-faire give birth to this splendid tea with myriad aromatic nuances.

    Dried leaves: The golden buds and young, marbled mahogany leaves immerse us in the heart of a red cedar forest, blended with delightfully rich, pearly marzipan.

    Infused leaves: Polished amaranth wood evokes the sweetness of delicious wild berries stewed in a cauldron married to a note of moist vine shoot.

    Liquor: Amber rose. The velvety aroma of chestnut honey and toasted pistachio is seductive. A score of cocoa truffle and juicy grape brings a gourmet sweetness to the cup.

    Charming Darjeeling.

    Label Jardin Premier

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