T1004211 - NAMRING-KING UPPER FTGFOP1 EX-1/2021 - Jardin Premier*

    FTGFOP1 EX-1/2021 - Jardin Premier*
    Premium First Flush

    «Tea from beyond the skies »

    The celebrated garden of Namring was created in 1855 by the British. Cultivated at 1,525 meters in altitude, this cru is harvested from an absolutely magnificent and prestigious parcel of land. Ample sunlight and pure water from the Himalayas provoke the formation of tasty buds and hence the crafting of this grand millesime. The remarkable character of Namring’s terroir and the admirable work of the planters associated with the unique savoir-faire of Mariage Frères give rise to a rich splendor of lunar velvety shades. This Darjeeling Nouveau, an exclusive Mariage Frères creation, has been released early, fast-tracked from the estate to the cup.

    Dried leaves : Majestic jade buds with silvery reflections, elegantly curled.

    Infused leaves: A heady scent of sandalwood flower and sweet notes of frangipani intertwine with white peach.

    Liquor: Shiny gold, the lively liquor reveals tasty notes of crisp Muscatel grape and Mirabelle plum, lifted by a fragrance of marzipan sprinkled with mimosa sugar.

    Tea from beyond the sky: an extraordinary Darjeeling Nouveau.

    Cold brew:
    1 - place 15g of tea in 1 liter of spring water; keep in the fridge for about 12 hours.
    2 - filter out the leaves then let the liqueur come to room temperature.
    3 - best served in a large balloon glass, filled up to a third.

    "Cold brew", a slow infusion in cold water, results in a further exploration of the infinite aromatic palette of this grand cru. The cold allows new fragrances to express themselves in a dazzling and totally intoxicating way.

    Label Jardin Premier

    5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min
  3. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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