TA2320 - MILKY MONKEY KING™ Blue tea™

    Blue tea™
    China - Fujian

    An enigma from Fujian, Mariage Frères offers in very limited quantity a masterful Ti Kuan Yin from the family of Blue Tea™. On a confidential and unique plot of land, the grower sublimates the natural, delicate aromas evoking milk and vanilla to produce this exceptional cru.

    Dried leaves : Little marvels, shimmering in moiré patterns and tinted mysterious indigo, elicit hypnotic notes of alpine resin and ambrosial yuzu zest bathed in sweet orange blossom water.

    Infused leaves : A testament to skilled craftsmanship, these pearls unleash a gourmet, silky essence imbued with a touch of Devonshire cream.

    Liquor : Golden and satiny, with iridescent green inflections. A seductive first impression of patisserie resounds with rich, velvety sensations. A second wave of subtle aromas unfurl – original and delicate – lightly evoking frankincense and white orchid.

    A forbidden marvel.

    4,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min
  3. Presentations : Collector tin
    100 g of this new rare and sublime Blue Tea™ are presented in a classical tin encased in an ivory set showing a silver logo

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