TG917 - MANDALAY® Black iced tea in cotton muslin

    Black iced tea in cotton muslin
    Burmese spices

    A black tea highlighted with entrancing wild spices, a poetic alliance of fragrances from the Orient, lost in the troubled ecstasy of mysterious lands.

    A voayge to the fountainhead of imagination.

    Presented in traditional cotton muslin tea bags allowing easy infusion in cold water (in the fridge, in a jar or a bottle).
    To prepare 1 litre of French iced tea, Mariage Frères recommends two methods :
    ♦ For a rich, intense and flavourful beverage
      - Place 2 cotton muslin tea bags into a pot.
      - Pour over 1/2 litre (1 pint) pure simmering water.
      - let steep about 5 minutes.
      - Remove cotton muslin bags from the pot and pour into glasses fully filled with ice cubes.
    ♦ For an elegant beverage, a soft and sophisticated scented drink
      - Place 2 cotton muslin tea bags into a container.
      - Pour over 1 litre (2 pints) pure water at room temperature.
      - Keep the container in the refrigerator for about 12 hours.
      - Stir with care and remove cotton muslin bags before serving.
    Enjoy this French iced tea pure or sweetened to taste with cane-sugar syrup.

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  4. Presentations : Iced tea - Cotton Muslin
    Each box of « Thé Glacé » holds 6 muslins of 5 grams

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