E26017 - LUCKY MUG NAVIGATEUR Assortment

    limited edition

    This Lucky Mug is an assortment of:
  2. A white porcelain mug with Mariage Frères' logo, manufactured in a traditional way (diameter 7.5cm; height 8.5cm);

  3. A jar of Tokyo Mojito iced tea with yuzu, mint and lime flavours;

  4. A packet of d'enveloppes-filtres, in non-woven fibers, to infuse Tokyo Mojito iced tea;

  5. A box of Marco Polo® tea cotton muslins, a marvellous fruity and flowery black tea;

  6. An Earl Grey tea jelly, manufactured in the traditional way in copper pans;

  7. A 100g sachet of Thé sur le Nil, a green tea with a flowery and lemony taste;

  8. A packet of Candy sugar sticks, created to stir and sweeten your tea.

  9. Characteristics : #Flower   #Fruit   #Porcelain Tea Cup   #Ice Tea   
  10. Ref : E26017  -  Price : 79€
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