T1024172 - HAPPY VALLEY FTGFOP1 DJ2/2017 - Jardin Premier*

    FTGFOP1 DJ2/2017 - Jardin Premier*
    Darjeeling First Flush

    This garden, one of the oldest in Darjeeling, was created the same year as Mariage Frères in 1854. The tea plants, lovingly pampered for over 150 years, still produce one of the best crus of Darjeeling. With its 176 hectares at 2,100m in altitude, where the slopes of the Himalayas wind their way between India, Nepal and Bhutan, this is the closest garden to Darjeeling Town.

    Dried leaves : The voluptuous young leaves draped in jade with cindery reflections exhibit an irresistible note of gourmet brioche with candied fruits.

    Infused leaves : An elegant green moiré, the leaves deliver a heady fragrance of ylang-ylang, joined by a luxurious accent of absinthe.

    Liquor : Opalescent gold, the cup diffuses a fleeting aroma evoking biscuit rose de Reims. The flowery roundness of camelia honey dances with fruity intonations of pink lychee. The palate is swathed in a pearly texture punctuated by notes of fruity muscatel grape and opulent tuberose.

    Decidedly cozy.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min
  3. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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