T1024231 - HAPPY VALLEY  FTGFOP1 DJ1/2023 - Jardin Premier*

    FTGFOP1 DJ1/2023 - Jardin Premier*
    Spring Flush – Premium First Flush

    This garden, one of the oldest in Darjeeling, was created the same year as Mariage Frères in 1854. The tea plants, lovingly pampered for over 160 years, still produce one of the best crus of Darjeeling. With its 176 hectares at 2,100m in altitude, where the slopes of the Himalayas wind their way between India, Nepal and Bhutan, this is the closest garden to Darjeeling Town.

    Dried leaves: The young, whole leaves and their shimmering spring-green moiré hue mix and mingle with many golden buds.

    Infused leaves: The exhilarating bouquet of wild berries and fresh walnut turns to a sweet note of ripe apple-cinnamon.

    Liquor: Limpid and brilliant, the liqueur’s bright shade of blond caramel unleashes a soft aroma of green almond accompanied by a sweet scent of magnolia syrup. A silky cup, infinitely enveloping.

    Cold brew:
    1 - place 15g of tea in 1 litre of spring water; keep in the fridge for about 12 hours.
    2 - filter out the leaves then let the liqueur come to room temperature.
    3 - best served in a large balloon glass, filled up to a third.

    "Cold brew", a slow infusion in cold water, results in a further exploration of the infinite aromatic palette of this grand cru. The cold allows new fragrances to express themselves in a dazzling and totally intoxicating way.

    Label Jardin Premier

    3,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min

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