TP4143 - GYOKURO SUPRÊME ASAHINA™ Green tea - Jardin Premier

    Green tea - Jardin Premier

    This green tea Jardin Premier from Japan is packaged in a 50 g under vacuum pochette.


    Mount Fuji, about 100 km southwest of Tokyo, dominating the Japanese Alps overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a sacred mountain for the Japanese. The Asahina River meanders along its steep slopes, irrigating a volcanic soil that offers exceptional qualities to the tea trees.

    Our Gyokuro Suprême Asahina comes from a small family garden surrounded by forests and lovingly cared for by a couple of tea enthusiasts: the planter, recognised for over half a century as an expert in the art of treating the precious leaves of tea trees – to protect them from direct sunlight, he veils them in straw and with his companion only harvests at dawn – has specially created for Mariage Frères only – as the great painters of the past used to do – a masterpiece, in a very limited amount and of a quality never before attained.

    Dried leaves : long and elegant, gleaming emerald green, accentuated by and glittering buds: unbelievably tender

    Infused leaves : a fresh floral bouquet, supple and intense, remarkably elegant

    Liquor : blue-green in colour – symbol of the Japanese Imperial Court – marked by a thick, velvety texture, full-bodied, supple with aromatic inflections that progressively intensify. Smooth and dense, it quickly entices the palate with the gourmet notes of biscuit, crème pâtissière, and warm brioche; floral buttercup rise up and provide a striking counterpoint. The whole is crowned by a long finale, sweet with a hint of red berries. The luxurious sensation, delicate and opulent, lingers indefinitely in the mouth.

    The leaves may undergo a second, shorter infusion which will prove just as wonderful.

    7 g / 20 cl - 60°C - 2 min

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    This green tea Jardin Premier from Japan is packaged in a 50 g under vacuum pochette
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