TP4146 - GYOKURO HAKUYOCHA UMAMI Thé vert - Jardin Premier*

    Thé vert - Jardin Premier*


    Here is the rarest of the Grand Cru Gyokuro – exclusive, unique and confidential – whose extremely limited production barely exceeds 10 kilograms per year. Our GYOKURO HAKUYOCHA UMAMI (literally « tea of white leaves ») is a prestigious shaded tea, issued from a parcel of land dedicated to Mariage Frères, in the heart of a small family-owned estate, surrounded by forests and lovingly maintained, close to Mount Fuji. The planter, recognised as a master in the art of tea making, has at our request specially created this masterpiece of unparalleled quality. This Grand Cru is composed only of young buds, tender and pearly. For about 25 days, an opaque triple-ply shade protects the tea plants from sunlight, thus hindering photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll. This masterful use of obscurity favours the development of such rare and marvellous flavours. For the first time, the liquor bursts with ‘ooika’ notes, deliciously fresh and fragrant, replete with unforgettable emotion.

    Dried leaves: The sublime, slender snowy-emerald leaves exhale an extraordinary bouquet marrying the roundness of white vanilla, the fruity sweetness of gold kiwi and the smooth elegance of hibiscus flowers.

    Infused leaves: A wave of white strawberry and Japanese cantaloupe, scored with heady rose.

    Liquor: The luminous elixir of jade and gold seduces with its intense umami flavour. A perfumed breeze from a bamboo forest blends with an air of white mango and zesty nuances evoking candied citron. Cashew, creamy in texture and fragrance, combines with cardamom.

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