E98505 - FRENCH ICED TEA Tea set with Marco Polo ice tea

    Tea set with Marco Polo ice tea
    & hand blown glass teapot

    This new presentation case includes a glass pitcher specially designed for making and serving iced tea, accompanied by a box of muslin tea bags. A perfect way to anticipate the return of warm weather.

    Made of hand-blown glass whose perfect geometry and frank lines welcome a hearty infusion, the «Sahara» pitcher travels from the refrigerator door to the table without a pause, proving that convenient rymes with refinement.

    The Marco Polo iced tea with its silken scents of fruit and flower from China and Tibet is presented in specially dosed cotton-muslin bags that can be steeped in cold water - there is no easier way to appreciate the qualities of grand vintage teas.

    Classical black presentation case (18x31x16 cm) with a glass teapot (1l) and a box of 6 muslin bags (5g) of Marco Polo tea.

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  3. Ref : E98505  -  Price : 115€
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