T1521 - DEJOO  SFTGFOP1 - Black tea
  1. DEJOO

    SFTGFOP1 - Black tea
    Assam Summer Flush

    Dried leaves : Superior-grade leaves, slender and harmoniously oxidised. A heart note reminiscent of longan honey dissipates in favour of an evanescent aroma of citrus.

    Infused leaves : A gourmet colour of chocolate mousse. The association of young buds and FOP create a symphony of flavours dominated by a memento of candied orange peel, then hawthorn flowers at the beginning of autumn.

    Liquor : A mysterious and spectral ‘Havana-brown’ arouses curious feelings, while the candid flavour is soothed by a velvety hint of nougat and date.

    A melody of Dejoo.

    2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min

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  4. Presentations : Loose tea, by the bulk
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