CH97 - CHOCOLAT des MANDARINS® Marco Polo®

    Marco Polo®
    Tea chocolate

    Chocolat des Mandarins®, a ganache subtly flavoured with tea, is a creation of Henri Mariage first presented in 1860.

    A true alchemist of tea, the founder of Maison Mariage Frères realised the perfect balance between a crisp layer of fine chocolate and a smooth milk chocolate ganache, made from the finest cocoa beans, sumptuously flavoured with tea.

    Unforgettable, this Chocolat au thé Marco Polo® marries the powerful saveurs of chocolate and the rich taste of a tea blended with flowers and fruits from China and Tibet.

    Presented in a case of 16 chocolate squares decorated with precious tea leaves.

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    Net weight : 120 g.
  4. Ref : CH97  -  Price : 19€