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T1016 :  TURZUM SFTGFOP1  Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush

This acclaimed, high-altitude organic tea garden from the Sungma estate, located approximately 30km southwest of Darjeeling, has produced a remarkable first flush of very limited quantity for Mariage Frères.

Leaves: curly and elegant, a fine mix of brown, green and silver-tips.
Nose: combines zesty aromas (grapefruit) with fruity ones (Muscatel grape), accentuated by a hint of liquorice.
Liquor: yellow and fair, shining and limpid; its ample body refreshes with an aromatically-bursting palette of exotic fruits – green guava, white peach – enhanced by an invigorating note of camphor with slightly peppery tones. Its supple texture opens up evenly, intensifying over the long finish.

An exceptional harvest, elegant and refined.

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T1016 39,00 €
Limited stock : 0.4 kg
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