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TC647 :  ROUGE PLEINE LUNE®  Theine-free almond Red Tea with a fruity twist

Theine-free almond Red Tea with a fruity twist

The City of Paris and Mariage Frères have come together to create three prestigious gourmet teas, infused with charm and poetry, for the morning, afternoon and evening.

‘Full Moon’ – As the hours pass and the colours of the city transform into lengthening shadows, a thousand warm lights illuminate and the Moon emerges to accompany us on our nocturnal wanderings. And it provides this naturally theine-free, sweet and velvety red tea with sophisticated tropical fruit and rare spice flavours, along with cloves, almonds and the sweet taste of honey. This tea will make you feel as light as a feather.

Classic black sealed canister, 100g of red rooibos tea, presented in a gift case.

TC647 15,00 €Quantity :
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